Usend security.


Usend security

Usend is fully committed to providing all its customers with financial services and international money transfers at affordable and efficient prices. We value, and feel honored for, the trust you place in Usend.

A basic Usend principle is to provide a very secure environment for customers to interact and perform transactions. Here is an overview of some of the measures we have implemented.

Your personal and payment information

We take our role in safely handling and maintaining our customers’ data very seriously. We are committed to preventing unwanted or illegal access to your personal and/or payment information

Usend uses 256-bit or higher encryption with cloud-based servers to securely store any personal or payment information provided by customers. Access to data is strictly limited and tracked by the user, as well as its purpose.

System Architecture Security

Usend works with a completely cloud-based infrastructure and system architecture. All servers are maintained and operated externally in data centers that comply with PCI rules. We are always on the lookout for external threats with specific DDoS protection and tight firewall configurations. Server log analysis is centralized to monitor irregularities and disparities.

Recurring maintenance schedules ensure that all system environments are updated and patched. Vulnerability scans are performed weekly, or even more frequently, on networks as well as on source code to prevent any intrusion attempts. Usend holds a SOC Certification achieved through external assessments by third-party auditors.

Regulatory Supervision

Usend operates as a licensed money transmitter and/or payment institution in countries around the world. Usend is directly regulated and follows all applicable laws and compliance restrictions at state, federal and international levels. We are frequently audited by representatives of multiple jurisdictions and independent third-party reviewers, ensuring we adhere to compliance, financial and information security requirements, as well as best practices.

We appreciate the privilege of serving your personal and international financial services needs. We are committed to meeting and exceeding all expectations regarding the security of our environment and your data. Please contact our team if you have any questions or concerns.