USEND General FAQs

What is Usend?
How does Usend work?
How do I send funds online?
What if I have change my phone number and I cannot receive SMS anymore?
Can I upload my documents through the app?
What can I do if I can’t access the Usend app?
How can I change my password?
How do I report a problem?
How do I close my Usend account?
What happens if I create a duplicate account?
Can I have multiple accounts?
What if I want my business account separate from my personal account?
How to change your email address?
What can I do with the Usend app?


Count on the help of our team in our service channels. Customer Service in 3 languages.

Individual BR
Customer Service: +55 11-4118-0667
Business BR
Customer Service: +55 11-4950-7040
Individual US
Customer Service: +1 888-305-7264
Business US
Customer Service: +1 424-316-5940