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Usend API

Customize your payment system with the Usend API

The Usend API is the ideal solution for companies that want to make bulk payments in a secure and customizable way. Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows the Usend Business client to integrate quickly and efficiently, carrying out their company’s transactions in the way that best suits their needs.


The API system is ideal for customers who want to automate their payments in real time, offering a WSDL interface available in a robust and highly accessible environment. The Usend API connects directly to our partners’ infrastructure by combining cloud-based services and connections.

This model is the most efficient for today’s international remittance environment. With transparency and security, the Usend API client has full control of their transactions, and it ensures transfers are not canceled due to complications in the process.


Payments processed on the same day

>Smart and customizable reports

Access to payment confirmation receipts for each transaction

Simple and quick integration

Real-time validation of the CPF and the recipient’s account number in Brazil

Fast and effective troubleshooting support

Option of correcting the recipient’s bank details

And much more

Payments processed on the same day

Thanks to these benefits, the Usend API stands out as the most practical way to make large international transactions from the US to other countries.

Contact our team and enroll your company in the Usend API system.