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Do you need to pay international bills?

Usend makes it easier than you think

Pay your bills and your family’s in more than 10 countries using your Usend account. With our digital platform, through our app or website, you can pay bills conveniently and quickly, without having to wait in lines at branches.

How to pay bills in Brazil:

Scan the bar code
Select payment date
Fill in payer’s info
Confirm amount
Select form of payment
Verify payment, and you’re done!
Scan the bar code

Boleto Bancário

The “boleto bancário” is the preferred payment method in Brazil, normally used to pay bills, services and purchases in general. Regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN), the bank slip is a printed or virtual voucher, containing a bar code, corresponding serial number, the amount to be paid, ID code of the bank that issued it, customer information, description and due date.

With the Bank Slip option, it is possible to pay any form with a bar code to a maximum amount of 10,000 reais.

How to pay bills in Latin America::

Log in and select the “Bill Payment” option
Select destination country
Select company
Fill in the required information
Select form of payment
Hit Confirm, and you’re done!
Log in and select the “Bill Payment” option

You can pay the following utilities:

Cable TV
Trash collection, and many more
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